2001: A Space Odyssey

Written 1 June 2024

2001 poster
Click to download full version

Lately I've been looking to liven up my walls a bit with some art. There is a professional and reasonably priced printing shop local to me who I've previously used to print a Monkey Island poster, so I thought I should enlist them to print a film poster for me.

I scoured google images for a high resolution and striking poster for a film I like and discovered the above 2001 poster. The main changes I made were to:

  • Run it through Upscayl (using the Ultra sharp model)
  • Level the image out so it ranges from full black to full white
  • Redo the white border
  • Apply a fake grain, which consists of a couple layers of motion blurred random noise
  • White out the text and MGM logo

There is enough detail here to get a very sharp A1 print, you can possibly stretch it even to an A0. I had mine printed and framed at an A1 size with a speckled glossy paper, which worked out very nicely.

It did come out darker than I expected... you might consider raising the mid-level a bit as the star child is difficult to make out in my print.